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Day 17 The Purpose of Criminal Laws

Here I would like to bring some considerations for anyone interested into understand how our criminal law actually functions.

In every single civilization that we have constructed as humanity, it seems like there is always something going terribly wrong, but somehow we perceive that to be outside of ourselves, and this has been going for a quite long period of time in our entire civilization as humanity, the criminal law is at the end, just the reflection of how we search for someone to blame for the current existence of the entire humanity and how is it that we haven´t looked within ourselves to see that which we project outside of us, which to me seems like the most retrograde way of dealing with something that is actually the very reason of our “enslavement to HUMAN NATURE”, in each period, in each ideology, the principle of polarity seems to be what direct this idea that apparently there is someone that is simply evil in this world, and within that, that we are able to justify “our right to live” by removing or punishing that part of ourselves that we have simply projected onto another person so that we are able to preserve our “way of living”…

The fundamental principle of every law is to preserve the social order, this order implies that each and every single human being participating in the system is subdued to the rules imposed onto them by an external will that will only act accordingly to the principles that has been determined to it by the same society who accepts and allows such will to rule and manifest itself as the “law”.

The government is nothing else that the will imposed by the same people in order to preserve the order that they believe that “is how the world works”, this principle is named as “the ought” = what the things should be, I don´t have to tell you how much manipulation has taken place to make the people believe in a certain ideology, which manifestation can be traced way back of the existence of the Greeks and even before with the Codes of Hammurabi and so on, and so on.

Yet the same history repeats itself over and over again, and the systems always see their end with each and every single new ideology, why? Because it’s interesting that a criminal only becomes such as the ideology takes place in the mind of the people, educated to see the world and perceive the reality in a certain way. “As more laws are written more criminals are created” – Lao Tzu – 

The government implies a force given to it by the people, as A RIGHT, given to a particular person “trained and instructed on applying the rules that the same society demands in their search of the preservation of the social order” (The judges in the beginning were isolated from all the society and they were teach to be and live only what the laws demands of them as the “representation of this ghostly manifestation called justice”, this of course had for consequence the manifestation of certain events on the history like the inquisition) this right is called in Latin “Ius Punniendi” which means the right to punish, this right is the power given to the state by the people, to take and improve “the necessary means to resolve the problems to maintain the social order” this also implies the creation and establishments of reforms to the system that the government perceive as necessary as long that this maintains the social order.

It’s fascinating how it seems that we are trying to “fight something or someone out there instead of realizing that is each and every single one of us, that by existing in the search of our self-interests, created the current state in which we live in”, the principle is that “each person is following their desires, therefore as each and every single one of us, has this inner movement of self-interests as desires, wishes, wants and needs, each and every single one of us is a treat to each other and therefore we must incarcerate each other so that we are able to be free…from each other…because our interests are at risk of someone else taking them…all of this because we have not been able to understand that as long as we remain in our little bubble of desires, wishes, wants and needs, everyone is subdued and prisoners of each other, and afraid of each other, and that is why we cannot trust another human being, because we cannot even trust ourselves, because we know what we are capable of doing to get that which we want, that is why wars exist, that is why criminals exist.
The following fragment is from the blog: Day 32 - The Tyranny of Financialization
You can read the complete blog by following the link below:

Frankenstein's Monster

The ability to create money out of nothing and collect interest on lending it out to borrowers, and being able to sell and repackage those debts into financial instruments that could then be used to speculate on and influence other markets such as food, government bonds, and commodities spread like wildfire throughout the financial system - and across the world these financial instruments were sold, repackaged, and then sold again so many times that its original value has can no longer be determined, but the debt that was created when the instrument was sold could not be discharged or forgiven because it was impossible to pay back something that was created out of nothing, and demands more than nothing as repayment.
BEING ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU CANNOT GIVE BACK MORE THAN WHAT IS GIVEN TO YOU UNLESS YOU TAKE FROM SOMEBODY ELSE IS THE ONLY KEY THAT ANYONE NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO SEE THROUGH THE TRICKERY AND DECEPTION OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM AND ANYTHING THAT HAS COME OUT OF ITS HYBRID BREEDING CHAMBERS THAT HAVE PRODUCED THE ILLUSION OF PROFIT AND GROWTH - because the only thing that has grown is the amount of money the financial elite have been able to keep for themselves while the debt is constantly being pushed onto the majority trying to pay back something that can never be repaid. 

The ultimate purpose of the laws is to preserve the social order, my right ends where the yours begin; our rights is not what we desire, is not “what we demand as our interest”, the rights should be that which is inherent to life, as each and every single living being, has the right of fulfilling their needs, and…I mean ironically, we have come to a planet that provides all of those requirements for free, but we have the audacity to place a tag with a price on it…

Now, here my question is: Is it really that is not enough for everyone in this world or is it just that we have never taken the fucking initiative to share what we have? Being afraid of sharing cannot be justified as “the means to survival”, the social order SHOULD BE for the survival of the group, and not only humanity, but all forms and expressions of life in this world, a world that is best for all, only requires of all of us to realize that, that we are already on a planet that is already and has been always able to sustain all of us, because it has been doing it since our first breath here, that is why we still exist, there is no problem with the planet, or the sun, it is humanity, we know that, we have always known that. But we remained in silence, because we wanted to remain safe, that is why we also accept wars to take place, we see someone interfering with our interests as the evil guy and we accept others to die, and our loved ones to go to their imminent destruction so that we can be safe, so that our interests are safe. We may think that those people are the ones that create the problems in the society, yet, maybe they think the same about us…The “modernity” is the moment when we see consider that “the criminal out there” may be see us as the same treat to their interests, maybe the solution is as simple as just sharing…and to understand this I suggest you to invest in the following interviews to understand this:

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Next blog will be about Forgiveness and the Law System, “did you know that forgiveness exists on laws?” investigate it.

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