Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 21 - Behind the curtains in Greece

On the 2th of September, 2015, Zoe Konstantopoulou, human rights lawyer and past president of the Greek parliament held a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. During this speech, Zoe made the following statement:

“The government was forced to accept that Parliament legislates on pre-formulated texts of hundreds of pages with no deliberation and at pre-fixed dates with an emergency procedure and with the banks still closed. This extortion was baptized “prerequisites” for an agreement and Parliament was called to abolish laws it had only voted during the previous 4 months and to refrain from any legislative initiative without prior approval by the creditors.

An over 100 page law construed in 1 article was passed on July 15th in less than 24 hours. A 1000 page law construed in 3 articles was passed on July 22nd in less than 24 hours. An almost 400 page law was passed on August 14, in 24 hours.

Parliament legislated 3 times under duress and coercion.

And after this was done, attesting that a large part of the deputies of the major governing party, including the Parliament’s President, refused to vote such legislation, Parliament was inadvertedly dissolved to ensure a “more stable majority” to implement what the people have rejected.”

Following the events in Greece from a variety of media sources, I have come to realize there is a vast discrepancy between what the ‘fast food’ media presents as ‘facts’ about Greece and what is really going on in that country. 

The brutality with which the Greek government was side-stepped and made irrelevant by the ruling forces in Europe, combined with the normalcy with which this was accepted, proves that humanity has never really transcended the Middle Ages. It still only follows and obeys the ‘rights of the strongest’.

Greece is being forced to cut basic life necessities: pension revenue is being brought down to starvation levels and in some cases hospital surgeries have to be performed without any anesthesia because of a lack of funds.

When a country is threatened with bank closures which could lead to massive humanitarian disasters – this is not reform – it is economic warfare. Despite this, ‘the people’ of Europe appear to be accepting of such acts of treason. Are they willing to endure the same intervention in their own countries?

Is it really true that the system is too complex for the individual to make sense of what is really going on? Of course not! This stuff is not complicated. Go study law or economics to begin to pierce through the bullshit and let’s make a stand.

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  1. !Fondos que van directamente a los bolsillos de los que implantan esas leyes ! ¿Y por que seguimos permitiendo y aceptando esto?

  2. !Fondos que van directamente a los bolsillos de los que implantan esas leyes ! ¿Y por que seguimos permitiendo y aceptando esto?