Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 3 Law Questions and Smart Ass Responses

Q. Why is it extremely complicated to understand all the Laws that exist?

A. Laws as the legal systems that exist are made to be complicated so that an individual cannot understand how legal system works without seeking services of a legal professional.

Q. Does the legal system have to be so complex that it is difficult to understand?

A. No

Q. Can the legal system be simplified in such a way that the legal system operates as common sense to the bennefit to all Life here?

A. Yes

Q. How do Laws come into being?

A. Politics

Q. Should it be legal to have a legal system that perpetuates a world that is less than what is best for all Life here?

A. No

Q. What is the Law of our Being Here?

A. Equality and Oneness

Q. What do our legal systems show us about the pyschological conditioning of mankind

A. That we don't give a shit about Life

Q. Does the current framework of our legal system support the continuation of harm and abuse?

A. Yes

Q. Why does our current legal system not actively prosecute crimes against humanity?

A. Because the biggest crimes against humanity are the politicians who make and support the existing upholding of our current legal system.

Q. Why are politicians supporting crimes against humanity?

A. Greed and fear of death.

Q. Is our legal system evil?

A. Yes

Q. How can the legal system be changed to a system the supports life excellence in all ways?

A. Politics, democracy of one man one vote...therfore creating collective, effective agreements that are in the best interest of all life here.

Q. Why is there inconsitencies in laws from country to country?

A. Because a standard of life excellence as world equality and oneness has not been facilitated through the political process.

Q. Are the current legal systems a moral mind fuck?

A. Yes

Q. Who plays a role in determining the extent of the current legal systems as moral mind fucks?

A. We the people of earth determine the outcome.

Q. Are radical steps required in changing legal system from a complex problem to a simple solution?

A. Yes

Q. Has Humanity collectively been brainwashed from birth into believing and accepting current legal systems as justice best served cold?

A. Yes

Q. Does it make sense to have complex legal system?

A. No

Q. Does Legal system support slavery?

A. Yes.

Q. Are we the people responsible for legal system?

A. Yes

Q. Do our legal systems support a world of those who have and those who don't have?

A. Yes

Q. Why does our legal system support/protect self interest as like separate from what is best for everyone?

A. Life is not regarded as equal value

Q. Should all life be valued as equals here?

A. Yes

Q. Would Crime drastically reduce and become virtually non existent if the legal system was designed to support what is best for all Life here?

A. Yes!

Q. In the future, if a simplified legal system exists as a solution as what is best for supporting and upholding life excellence in all ways.....would law professionals exists as lawyers and judges as they do now?

A. No

Q. Why is the education required to become a lawyer or judge in this world so exstensive?

A. To make sure brainwashing tactics are effective in insuring being exists as a pillar of support in upholding the fuckedness as world systems of abuse and disregard for what is best for all life here.

Q. Is it possible to work within the legal systems as a means to assist and support the facilitation of change which is best for all Life?

A. Yes, this is a necessary step in forming a new way forward which is best for everyone.

Q. Is the law of equality and oneness the starting point of creating of creating a legal system which is best for all life here?

A. Yes, this is obvious common sense.

Q. Is there much work to be done in establishing a legal system which is awesome in all ways as supporting all life excellency?

A. Yes, no time to be wasted/disregarded....much work is required to be done to prepare a new world through the political democracies of one man one vote.  Understanding how systems work make it easy to change systems to what is best because exposing what is not best is easy and obvious when the prinicple of what is best for all life is understood and lived.

Question and Answer Blog written by Mike McDonald, 3rd year undergraduate degree in Law from Carleton University, Canada,...upon completion of final 2 course requirements


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  2. Yes law is currently a very convoluted thing - yet it is one of the tools with which life on earth could be made so much more easier so that it actually becomes somthing supportive for the whole.