Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 12 The Law of Money and the Science of Law

Money is the currency here as like an electrical current and energy generator. Money directs the movement/flow of humanity. Money is like the blood of humanity. Internally our blood flows throughout our body, making sure that all areas are supported. This is a circulatory process and is on going. See the link here for a one minute visual explanation of blood flow circulation.

I share the connection here between money and blood as this is within the physical science of the Laws of our Being Here. This is jurisprudence.

When blood does not circulate efficiently to all required areas of the human body, problems are manifested.  All sorts of problems can arise and there is not just a few possible extensive amount of negative influences to physical well being is possible.

Compare poor blood circulation to losing your income as the money that is in coming.  Stress/anxiety and survival issues are likely negative possibilities within the spectrum of possible negative possibilities.

Human survival within our shared reality is based and shaped though commerce as free market capitalism....which means anyone is free to make as much money as they would like. Meaning there is no laws in place saying it is illegal to have excessive amounts of money.

In my research of blood flow circulation I was trying to find out if there was such a thing as having too good of blood flow being in too good of physical condition. I did not find any such documentation.  I did find lots of evidence explaining how poor blood flow circulation was detrimental to physical health.

I then started examining our money system and the starting point of money as debt. I was looking at the positive health benefits of everyone having more than enough money and thinking that this should be enforced within law. It does not make any logical sense legally to enforce legislation and policy that is a detrimental deterrence to most excellent standards of living.

 Law as a tool for mankind is to enforce the natural laws of science, from the starting point of the betterment of all Life Here, as to encourage the harmonious flow of Life being expressed and lived within the natural laws of science to encourage and blossom within and as creation as new developments always being possible that expand Life greatness in all ways for all Life Here.

It's been mentioned many times that greed is a big problem within mankind with regards to the flow of money.  Applying Law as a tool for mankind to enforce the nature of laws of science for the betterment of all Life Here would be to prevent any and all Life impairments as the necessary force required to maintain an optimum balance within regulating that which is best to insure that our collective society always remains as most excellent greatness, always capable of expanding greatness as the best becoming a real physical evolutionary process of profound awesome. See a brief explanation of the Science of Awesome within this short video.

What I'm illustrating here is that it is our self-responsibility as individuals to interpret the law with integrity and dignity to insure that we shape our lives with integrity and dignity as the necessary means of so called enforced well being as like to protect the equilibrium of greatness.

An Equal Money System is the solution as a sound economic structure that is best from the starting point of valuing Life with supreme importance Here.

Equal Money Capitalism is the intermediary step from where we are now to where we are going as the solution as what's best for all Life is best for me because We give as we like to receive, and So, We all way have more than enough because all is A+ because when everyone benefits, the epitome of Life  support is Here as perfect harmony.

Check out this free download called the Soul of Money for further perspective into the Law of Money and the Science of Law.

Check out an Awesome book that's been published with regards to how an Equal Money System will function. See, What the FAQ is an Equal Money System?


  1. Cool Mike - it is indeed obvious from looking at the example of our bloodflow that the flow of money can not be made conditional, but should be made unconditional towards the whole body of humanity !