Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 14 - The Power of Governments

In this blog we are answering the question whether the national governments still have a say in organizing society or whether the biggest impact can be attributed to corporations, who have grown in power extensively in the past century. This question goes hand in hand with the belief that politics has become increasingly obsolete and that politicians no longer have any real power to change society.  

I maintain that the governments are still ‘the boss’, because I look at it from the following perspective: in order for corporate or business or private or any activity to be possible, in most cases there will be a requirement for a LICENSE. Without the license – there cannot be any activity.

The one who decides upon whether a license is yes or no granted, is still in the hands of the governments. They decide in other words what passes and what doesn’t.

The way licensing works is that the activity the government wishes to control is first declared ILLEGAL. This way everyone who exerts the activity without the government’s approval will automatically be breaking the law.

Then the government will declare itself being able to give permission for the activity in question, given that the individual or other legal entity has conformed to ALL THE REQUIREMENTS that are formulated in a LICENSE for that particular activity. These requirements will typically be safety regulations and/or health prescriptions, and other requirements that are specific to the activity in question.   

The content of these licenses are still determined by politics. Meaning: the permits and there requirements are issued in specific laws and the laws are created by policymakers. What this means is that whatever you see happening in the world in terms of corporate activity and the outflows thereof, has initially been authorized by the government by means of a license.  

This also places the question of responsibility in a different light.

Through licensing the governments are directly deciding the kind of world we are creating for the children to come.

The manufacturing of weapons is illegal – unless you have the required government licenses. What if through politics it is decided that manufacturing weapons is of no benefit to anyone and only a threat to the continued existence of life on earth? There will be no more licenses to obtain for manufacturing weapons. And anyone manufacturing weapons will be breaking the law, without exception.

Operating and running a company with workers is illegal – unless you have the required government licenses. What if through politics it is decided that no license shall be granted unless a labor contract can be submitted which shows that all employees will equally share in the profits made by the company and that each employee will be an equal shareholder in the company?

Manufacturing cars is illegal – unless you have the required government licenses. What if through politics it is decided that no car shall leave the factory that is not build to the highest standard of what is currently possible and that cars must last for at least 50 years. What will happen to those that build cars that systematically show deficiency and break down after 5 to 10 years? The manufacturers will lose their license.

Issuing money is illegal – unless you have the required government licenses. What if through politics we decide that no money may be issued unless the institution doing so is able to submit a sound mathematical plan showing how the issuance of money and the way it will be issued will lead to the equal distribution of wealth amongst all citizens in accordance with the right to life that is equal in all beings?  

I am giving these examples to show the potential of what would be possible when we realize that the power to change this world mostly lies with the governments by means of politics. Hence the importance of democracy, voting and motivated individuals who are willing to make a difference.

The government still stands as the Gatekeeper and decides what flies and what doesn’t. If through politics we start implementing criteria for licensing that are best for all, taking all life on this planet as well as the future generations into consideration – then it is not difficult to see how we can change this world and make it Heaven on Earth within a reasonable amount of time.

Investigate Equal Money Capitalism and educate yourself. 

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