Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 15: How to obtain your right...?

In this blog I want to make a “critic”, if you want, to the perspectives that have been brought on the “Basic Income Studies”:

Quote: “Rights are about advancing and defending human freedom. They are universal and they are inalienable. I cannot give away my right without degrading my humanity. To be meaningful, a right is an aspiration, a goal to which we march.”

If one aligns and fosters the circumstances, then one aligns the consequences that we are searching…yet, there is a question that should be asked: Is that point going to be able to sustain itself? Our current system was implemented in the same way isn´t it? One creates a controlled environment, through the repetition of circumstances aligned in a determined pattern of morals, ethics, rules and suddenly you have an environment, a system operating accordingly within the alignment that has been superimposed with the “initial starting point of the creation of this system” which was (apparently) to create the best society possible based on the “common good”, yet, “the goods were never available to everyone”, they were never common to everyone, implying that those that were not aligned with the “best civilization”, the best civilization being by definition that which is more advanced on culture, and therefore that which is supposed to teach everyone else how to live, are not worthy of been considering as “advanced enough to take part in the important decisions and so on”, which is also what happens on the structure of our educational system, those that are not “properly educated” you know, they are there, they are criminals, they are ignorants of what it means to be in a society, that is why they deserve to be poor, and so on and so on; that is why the modern societies are apparently able to sell you their law of attraction and their secrets to success and essentially their education models, yet, none of them were capable to consider a structure that can actually functions for each and every human being? Those that didn´t align themselves with the rules were not able to be part of this great dream, “The American dream” because you have to be sleep (or brainwashed enough) to believe it. 

Have a look at our model of consumerism, our society is divided into classes according to the amount of money available, is your position in the system, implying access to education, food, clothes, house, etc.; Hasn´t been said that our human rights are paid through money when they should be by definition, that which is given to everyone unconditionally? And the point remains the same, If Human Rights were real, they would not require to be defended or protected, one shouldn’t have to compete for them, to struggle for them, to have to get money to pay for them.

The question is: Is it possible to propitiate the circumstances without any understanding or education available for everyone in the same direction of consequences which also implies the constitution and manifestation itself of a right? Obviously not

Right to labor! So…we need to propitiate the circumstances to develop our right to develop, create and work? This is fascinating statement, because, it’s like saying that you need to propitiate the circumstances to bring that which is actually inherent to the Human, which is the development itself of work, yet, of course not disregarding that each and every form of human activity have consequences, which actually brings forms of development, creation and work (because everything requires a certain input), nevertheless, what we are developing, creating, working on, is really abusive stuff, weapons, drugs, unhealthy foods, vicious cycles of greed, jealousy, anger, violence, you name it. Maybe the question is: what is it that we are creating through our labor? How is it that we are going to direct the development of humanity to bring the change that we are looking for? What are we going to produce? More unnecessary stuff that is going to be pilled on mountains of garbage in the outskirts of our cities? 

Another interesting question arises independently, yet, connected and intertwined with all of these…What is the purpose of our work? To sustain ourselves and our survival? Our partner? …or…the future generations?
See, the ultimate goal of marriage is reproduction; it was defined in this way in the antiquity, and so this is lived today, but I want you to see the mental relationship that we have created in regards to our human interactions; it would seem that when we "learn" to form relationships…I say learn because they are established on moral and ethical basis and regulations for you to be able to define and maintain these relationships “within and without”. But what would be our interactions without these defined structures? If you think that it would be chaos, I strongly suggest you to first you see the interaction in your physical body, the body is made up of trillions of living molecules that are aware in your body, each one of them with the capacity to experience pain that is actually expressed and manifested through the rest of the cells thanks to the nerve connections that link it with the rest of their companions, each one expresses their individuality, yet they are also  collectively manifesting themselves in a body, and that is, the interaction itself that manifests from the smallest point as this molecule individually, to all of the other molecules with which it interacts, and that is what makes possible, for each and every one of these cells, to be sustained with and by each other, starting with itself, and just considers the fact that a cell that is altered in its constitution , showing "a cancerous principle" that can harm the group, it completely removes itself from the equation, giving the opportunity to others to keep the interaction with the welfare of the body; it is only when the infection is too much that it is inevitable that the cancerous manifestation continue generating discomfort on that principle throughout the physical body, it is something that has to be manifested in the entire group of cells for the cancer to keep its constant growing as this cancer with permission and acceptance of each one, in its induced abuse to continue throughout the physical body, because what affects one, affects all and the same goes amongst the humans, however, What is the principle that is allowing the separation between humans that is this cancer? This is due to and internal and external consequence, a consequence that is manifesting itself as the disregard of what exists in the environment, from our fellow humans, to the environment in which we exist, pollution of the environment that has manifested disease, pain, violence , abuse.

First of all we should look at the relationship we have created towards this world, towards ourselves and our fellow man. See, If the ultimate goal of our interactions, is only to get to the perfect relationship to create a family and “have kids”, which has been abstracted within the concept that the experience that we define as love, is what will sustain it, then it seems that we have not understood what it really mean or interactions and our communication, with ourselves and the physical, is simply not understood, this is the consequence of our consumerist culture and it can be seen in the fact that there is not real understanding of the interaction with our own mind, how it can actually cause consequences that just seem to be "aberrant for humans" as the manifestation of abuse and are considered unmentionable, and that kind of “studies” are reserved for college levels, in which the students are misleaded in their way of understanding how the mind works and operates, because the psychologist are not being prepared for resolving the problems within the mind, they are being trained to make everyone fits in the model of the “society”.

Work is not competition, is not survival, is not gaining money, imagine what would happen if the cells had the kind of separation that we as humanity are accepting and allowing, or even the molecules within this existence, if no one cares about the other maybe this existence never would have existed. What is the manifestation of dead if not the separation of ourselves from the physical body? It is said that when one dies, the body is left behind, yet, do you think the heaven could be a “nice place” knowing that your beloved ones are dying in wars, starving in poverty, suffering due to the survival system? Would you be able to go to such a place leaving everything behind to live in complete bliss? Obviously not, what if that was the ultimate test? It is said that the kingdom of god is within man, the heaven is on earth, yet if we disregard what is here, what heaven could exist if we focus only in what is awaiting for us in the other life searching for our self-interest? The heaven on earth must be created, by man, as simple as that, and for that, we cannot be separated, we must work together, so, it doesn´t matter if you increase the minimum wage to an sufficient amount to cover the basic needs without first have a structure upon which we can re-educate "the culture of humanity" I refer specifically to competition, and survival. Because then we are going to return to the same bullshit, some people are going to be fighting to have the better car, the better house, and are going to fight for more and more and more = greed, why not to guaranty to everyone the best house possible, the best car possible, without the programed obsolescence that comes “added” in your products?

I suggest you to read the following blogs to understand in a more specific way, how this was placed:

Look at the Declaration of The Rights of the Children, there is a fascinating thing that we should consider, first of all, this declaration came “after” the Declaration of Human Rights, and I mean, that is strange, because aren´t our children also humans? For practical understanding of what I want to explain here: For you to be able to exercise your rights, the State has to recognize you as a citizen, and that is only acquired after having come of age, why do I say this? Because it’s interesting that if the children were including in the declaration of human rights, maybe they would be actually really consider as the pillar of the entire Humanity, which implies that the principle of prevention of Crime, Poverty, Diseases, etc., would be a total different situation that what can be seen today, and to understand this, I suggest you to read the blog of “Children’s Human Rights | Equal Money” link that you can find here: 

The question is why is it that one has to wait until you are properly indoctrinated, sorry, have come of age, for you to be able to exercise your rights?

“The child is already born into limitation as young as 13 weeks of gestation in the mother’s womb where the parental patterns are integrated as part of the mind that the new born will develop throughout an entire lifetime. This is how no matter how much we would want to apply basic human rights, the conditions that limit the newborn are already integrated by default as the result of who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become in our  mind that becomes the very genetic information transferred to every newborn.”

Following this quote, just consider the fact that the chromosomes that are transferred during the sexual intercourse, are in fact what? It´s genetic memory; just consider the amount of emotions and feelings that you experience in one day, the patterns and orientation that they have in relation to your thoughts, for this you have to be really self-honest, and see what is it that you accept and allow, within that, just take into consideration the fact that, all of it is going to become part of you genes, as it has become so much a part of yourself that the substances that nurture your genetic material is in fact making and developing the “nature of your genes and of course what would be the nature of your child”; see the children have a predisposition to follow certain ideas and patterns, but it is only as consequence of what is already integrated within them, as them, isn´t that also why when the woman is pregnant, is necessary that she follows certain diet? Because that is part of the components and “materials that are going to mold and shape the physical body”, yet, the memory and “nature” of the genes, will give to the child the mold and shape of the “personality of their parents”.

“This also implies that no matter how great the parents can be, by virtue of existing in one single environment in which we are all existing in, it is virtually impossible to prevent the danger, abuse and insanity of this world to affect your children, because this is the culture that we have created wherein there is little to no support for children to develop the trust and confidence within themselves to walk throughout a lifetime – instead, the schooling process and education at home becomes the survival-training in a world where life is not a given right and where each one is taught to ‘fight for their right to live’ instead of it being given and assured from the cradle to the grave.”
And what the child is going to see around him would be consider as “normal”, why? Because he/she will just follow the “nature reflected by those equal to her/him”, and of course it will be accepted by consequence of that predisposition of following, denying any common sense as that is not “valuable as the logic that you require to survive in this system”.

The point in itself, within the marriage bond, results in the creation of the family, being the superior interest of the Nation, as it is the pillar of the establishment and existence of the Nation itself, however, the manifestation of our interaction and participation within this system, that was supposed to resemble the existing physical interaction within us, is that of separation. Many comments have come from this, from: "That’s how it is human nature" to "is because of the government", because "it reflects what exists within us" however, the constitution of our physical form, the magnitudes of the separation that is manifested in our actions as humans, doesn´t come from our physical body, it comes as a reflection of what exists in our minds. If you have followed the links of the Creation Journey to Life blog, you will see that the coercive control imposed onto the children, didn´t just came out of nothing, it was mold and shaped and reinforced from the genetic code impressed in the child, showing us what we have accepted and allowed within us. That is where the “Basic Income “cannot sustain itself, and I mean, yes! It is a step to develop a new system, yet it’s insufficient.

From the Bill of Rights of the Equal Life Foundation:

16. The Equal Right of future generations to receive a living planet free of pollution, disease, hunger, violence and destruction so that life shall endure and thrive into eternity now and forever.

Participate and this time; let's really work on a world that is best for all

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